Sky Blue

Sky Blue

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Makes great craft projects!

Made from rare Alkaline Earth Aluminates Suitable for use as colorant in coating material such as paint, printing ink, silkscreen ink, ceramic glaze, glue. The photoluminescent pigment could also be used as additive for making of plastic molding materials. There are tons of uses for it.  

 After glow can last for 8 hours or more when fully charged.


Night Glow Color



Luminance After
1 Min (mcd/m2)



Luminance After
10 Min (mcd/m2)



Luminance After
60 Min (mcd/m2)



Average Partilce size






Sky Blue















Generally the more translucent the medium the better glow effect.

Make sure the medium does not contain a UV inhibitor

Pigment is not water soluble

Charges best in natural sunlight, black light, or full spectrum light

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